Media and Publications

Contributions by the Power2Progress team on the issue of educational disadvantage

Media and Publications

Minister Simon Harris meets Bray students at UCD outreach day –

Deis school grinds programme could be replicated nationally – Irish Examiner

Offaly students attend outreach day in UCD – Ireland Live

Edenderry school launches new Power2Progress programme – Offaly Independent

Zurich and UCD Power2Progress Programme – St. Laurence College

Power2Progress Programme – Ballinteer Community School

Power2Progress visit to UCD – Enniscorthy Community College 

5th Year ‘Power2Progress’ students visit UCD – Collinstown Park Community College

Power2Progress – Oaklands Community College

Select media contributions by the Power2Progress team on the issue of educational disadvantage

Judith Harford & Brian Fleming, ‘Education in Ireland is still shaped by social class despite decades of investment,’ Irish Times, 15.03.2022.

Judith Harford & Brian Fleming, ‘Covid catch-up fund for school pupils is completely inadequate’ Irish Times, 17.09.2021.

Judith Harford, ‘The DEIS programme: Fit for purpose?’ Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk interview, 09.09.2021.

Judith Harford & Brian Fleming, ‘Access to third level education’ Irish Times, 13.01.2021.

Judith Harford & Brian Fleming, ‘Tackling class gap in higher education must start much earlier than third level’ Irish Times, 09.12.2020.

Judith Harford & Brian Fleming, ‘Disadvantaged students need much better access to third level’ Irish Times, 14.02.2019.

Judith Harford, ‘Fifty years on since ‘free education,’ it’s time to reflect on who the system really serves,’ Irish Times, 09.04.2017.

Publications by the Power2Progress team in the area of educational disadvantage:

Harford, J. Fleming, B. & Hyland, A. (2022) Rethinking Educational Disadvantage, Special Issue of Irish Educational Studies, 3(41) London: Taylor & Francis.

Fleming, B. Harford, J. Hyland, A. (2022) ‘Reflecting on 100 Years of Educational Policy in Ireland: Was Equality ever a Priority?,’ Irish Educational Studies, 3 (41) DOI: 10.1080/03323315.2022.2085765.

Amalia Fenwick, Billy Kinsella & Judith Harford (2022) ‘Building Academic Resilience in DEIS Schools,’ Irish Educational Studies, 3 (41) doi: 10.1080/03323315.2022.2094107.

Fleming, B. Harford, J. (2021) ‘The DEIS Programme as a Policy aimed at Combating Educational Disadvantage: Fit for Purpose?’ Irish Educational Studies, doi: 10.1080/03323315.2021.1964568.

Fleming, B. (2020) The Lived Reality of Educational Disadvantage, Dublin: Author.

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Fleming, B. (2016) Irish Education, 1922-2007: Cherishing All the Children? Dublin: Mynchen’s Field Press.


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